Nuestras Soluciones

El software no está destinado a durar, las soluciones si.
Fuertes en nuestra opinión, aún más en nuestra ejecución.

Our Approach

Our satisfaction lies in designing and executing ambitious ideas. Listening, researching and guiding clients to the right solution is our top priority. We put the user at the center of the experience. Our eye for detail and desire to build the best product drives the work we do. We balance great development architecture with compelling user experience to give our clients the best results.

A Great Team

We are a group of insanely skilled people with extensive experience across software development, IT infrastructure and business management. Our team members really enjoy the creative process. We are successful because we love what we do and our work reflects it.


When it comes to managing the complexities of an official government software application, our customized online government solutions are unbeatable. Bullseye builds and manages e-Government solutions that help government agencies realize cost savings and greater operational efficiencies.


We develop biomedical engineering solutions, software applications for the health care sector and offer system integration services to ensure the full interoperability of multiple coexisting clinical information systems. Bullseye’s steadfast commitment to R+D is the catalyst for the consistent development of its superior solutions.


Bullseye is a global provider of learning technologies, including custom e-learning, multi-device learning, mobile learning, platforms and learning consultancy. We do more than just develop custom training solutions, we create strong relationships and work as a partnership to achieve your organization’s learning objectives.

We Work With

Why Uruguay?

Our company is based in Montevideo, Uruguay. According to a UN ranking, Uruguay is ranked first in Latin America in Electronic Government, it is also the 3rd best ranked in the world in e-Participation and 14th in e-Services between 193 countries.

In the Region in e-Government
In the World in e-Participation
In the World in e-Services

We are Creative. We are Innovators. We are Bullseye.

Our satisfaction lies in designing and executing ambitious ideas. We resolve the complex and delight users with intuitive solutions.

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